Skark Harpa

Skark in Harpa Garage Iceland

In the Garage of Icelands´s beloved new concert hall Harpa. The concert was an attempt to give the audience a new experience of a classical concert – this case contemporary music. The audience was placed in traditional seating at  the centre of the huge garage. The orchestra performed in front, at the sides and in the back of the audience giving them a new sense of  a surrounding music. The ensemble which was researching how to involve different social groups from the community into it´s concerts, worked with the Suzuki jeep federation in this concert. Using 4 jeeps from 1980´s to light the concert. Going from the soft lightening of the automobile into complete darkness whilst the ensemble played an english madrigal by heart. The cars would also change position and in the end drive off with 4 of the instrumentalists on top of the vehicle making the concert a very new experience for the normal classical music audience.


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